Transport Pet alone from US to Shijiazhuang

Ow should we hadle if the pet come back alone form US? First of all, to enter the mainland, the pet has to be accompanied by the owner. That way, the pet alone can only come back from Hongkong, by the following steps:

The first step: to bring pets to the local regular pet hospital, inject rabies vaccinewhich is valid for 30-365 days. The chip which appears in the records of the rabies vaccine need to play 14 days.

The second step: to keep the Hong Kong entry permit, contact the airline that we applied for you. Then book the pet chamber position. Hong Kong Immigration generally go by Cathay Pacific.

The third step: prepare the health certificate issued by the local U.S. official Ministry of agriculture and get the seal 7 days before departure.  You also need to keep the health certificate of the Hong Kong version.

The fourth step: check in and board 3 hours before departure.

The fifth step: our colleagues will help customs clearance in HK airport, and then transport to the mainland airports.

The sixth step: The consignee has to show the ID card and related valid materils to pick up the pet in the plane landed 3 hours. The consignee should pay extract delivery fee tens of yuans. This fee is charged by the local airport flight station charge, not by our company.



Pictured above is pet for Mr. He. He had a Labrador need shipped home from Losangelas. He asked many airlines company and they have no idea about shiping the pet back. Then he found us and our customer service Peng explained the formalities and processes in details. Now, the pet dog has arrived at Shijiazhung safe and sound.

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