How to bring your dog to Philippines?

First you need to to apply for entry permit for the Philippines, pet health certificate and rabies vaccination record. Mr. Miu from Guangdong, has no idea about sending his pet to Philippines. Then he turn to us Paichuan PETTRAVEL. Our team explain the details and procedures to him one by one. As Mr.Miu is too busy , he just entrusted us to handle the outbound file and the Philippines entry permits. Both sides signed the contract, and Mr. Miao paid a deposit. We began to go through the formalities.

The first step, the injection of rabies vaccine. After 30 days of the injection, we can go through the exit.

The second step, the application for entry permit in Philippine. We provide the traveler’s passport, the departure address and destination address.



The third step, the pet-keeper book his flight and pet oxygen position. Also, pet keeper need to prepare pet air box and kettle.

The fourth step, prepare the health certificate for pets 7 days before leaving.

The fifth step,to check in and aboard 3 hours ahead. We arrange the airport operator to wait at the airport.

Below is the pet baby flying to Manila with his “dad”. They had a pleasant trip and happy life in Philippines.


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