Pets travel from Shanghai to Canada

Many Chinese immigrant to Canada or for further study. Recent survey shows that every year the Immigration people accounts for 2/10 of the country's population

Those study abroad Canada miss their pets when they bring so much fun, especially in their dull and lonely studying period.

We want to take pets to Canada, how to handle the procedures? Many consult Paichuan PETTRAVEL, saying the pet exit procedures is more complicated than entry procedures. If they do by themselves, it will take too long. Here we Paichuan PETTRAVEL will show you how to deal with it.

Miss Zheng is the overseas Chinese immigrants settled in Canada, and she raised a lovely poodle in China.After she goes abroad,  she left the poodle in China to her parents. When she is in the flight and see others take their pet. After talked with many companies, she consulted us Paichuan PETTRAVEL. After long-time knowing and seeing many successful cases by us, she finally decided to take her poodle abroad to Canada.

Canada to China's entry pet animals are not very strict. Unlike many countries require pet dog and cat injection chip to conform to the international standard ISO 11785, Animal Identification Format: in accordance with ISO 11784 / fdx-b international standards. However, in Shanghai and Beijing, China, the pet has to inject the electronic chips for going out of the country.


Canada require the pet inject rabies vaccine and vaccine 1 month before departure. Do not need rabies antibody detection and other related procedures, also do not need to apply for a pet entry certificate. Prepare the the relevant pet exit certificate 1 week before departure. It is good for a small dog to take a pet to go abroad to Canada. Because the Air Canada allow within 10KG weight, and the pet bag length and height in a certain range. You can take your pet to the cabin. Put your pet on your feet, and that's under the front seat. Because Miss Zheng's dog LUCKY just in line with the requirements. Then she can apply for taking the pet to cabin when buying a flight ticket.

We go abroad with pets to Canada, if it is a small dogs or cats we can choose to take the Air Canada. When the dog at his side, you do not need to worry too much. After all, you can always observe the status of the dog or cat. Secretly, we handle well all the formalities/ You can ask your your neighbor if they like pets.If they don't mind, then congratulations, you can put the pet baby on your knee. Usually, Air Canada flight attendants are very humane, they are always so kind to small animals.


If you want to take a pet abroad to Canada, but do not know how to go through the procedures for the pet to go abroad, you can find us Paichuan PETTRAVEL. We will provide you with a high quality service, ensuring you a safe and comfortable journey.

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