Pets travel from Shanghai to Japan

As more and more people go abroad, we are now hear dogs barking when check in at the airport. People are also getting used to it. With the people's standard of living’s improvement, a lot of people raise a pet to divert our usual boring life. Many Chinese friends work in foreign countries, having a small animal to make home more comfortable. But when we want to go to another country from a country, we will encounter some difficulties. But the pet dog and cat. How about them?

Here, Paichuan PETTRAVEL will explain some of the requirements of Japanese immigration pet. Japan is one of the few no rabies disease country, so they treat foreign entry pet dog and cat detection very strict. And expressly requires preparation 7 months ahead of the entry. Mr. Ando’s Iapanese friend who work in China contacts Paichuan PETTRAVEL 7 months before he takes their favorite cat LU sister back to Japan. Then we explained the Japanese requirements for Chinese entry pet and began the tedious formalities.

First we need to specify the pet cat to inject rabies vaccine and chip. The chip is equivalent to the pets identity. Japan's demand pets must be injected with chips while injecting the vaccine. Or they do not recognize the vaccine injection.



Then after waiting for a month's time, we took the lovely cat Sister Lu to the pet hospital again to inject the rabies vaccine and do the blood serum separation.  The we send the serum components to Japan recognized laboratory to check the rabies virus antibody density. The test results will determine whether the pet can enter Japan, because rabies concentration values determines the pets’ rabies disease immunity. Mostly, the pet can pass the test once, because Japan demand pets rabies vaccine injection twice.

If rabies antibody test results is passed, we need to wait for a long time. Japan require the pet can enter the country only when after 180-day after the test. Before entry, we also need to do two procedures-- Japan entry permit. It need us to send to the destination airport the jurisdiction of the airport (port) animal quarantine the proposed "Declaration" (dogs, "according to input about the canine rabies prevention method and animal infectious diseases prevention law, formulate the Declaration"), other "based on input of rabies prevention method is used to formulate the animal declaration"). The "Declaration" can be obtained from the animal quarantine office. (specific steps please check sent official website of Sichuan pettravel) apply for a pet entry permit certificate, need we provide pet injection records, rabies antibody concentration detection report, plus we took the opportunity to the relevant information.

We need to prepare for the Chinese version of the health certificate after the successful entry permit application. This certificate must be applied a week before departure. We Paichuan PETTRAVEL can help the whole process besides the entry permit for all the procedures.

In the day of departure pack the box well, and put a tank kettle near the box so that pets have water to drink. Meanwhile, you need to buy tickets for the pet baby. After all the procedures are done, the airline staff will take the pet baby.

After enter Japan, the pet has to go through the detection time for half an hour or so. Japan will check the quarantine personnel to PET data verification and chip scanning to ensure that the basic information and the pet match. This process is a must. The materials prepared by Paichuan PETTRAVEL is amenable to check.


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