How do you bring your dog to Taiwan?

    Taiwan is very small, Taiwan is also very large, from the city to the countryside, mountains to the sea, the canyon to the lake, each place has a different style, it is worth careful taste. Now with pets to the pet of Taiwan's pet father and mother are also more, how to take a pet to Taiwan? We sent Sichuan pet travel can help you solve the problem solving.
    From Shenyang to Taiwan to marry Miss Tao, took three years to accompany their VIP dog to go to Taiwan. After a series of understanding, we find the school Sichuan, hope that we help her Belle for exit.
    First of all, we need to know that Taiwan is not to accept the mainland directly into the pet, the need for third to turn for the better, then the specific how to operate it? Let's explain it in detail.
      Step one: the first month of the vaccine, the chip.
      step two: second months of blood tests.
      step third: the blood test qualified to fly southeast Asian countries.
      step fourth: in the Southeast Asian countries transfer Taiwan.
      step Fifth: to arrive in Taiwan, pet was sent to quarantine, isolation 21 days.
      step sixth: the isolation is completed, then the baby to go home.