Pet entry and exit and attentions

First, to the Hongkong Special Administrative Region

1, Pet entry to Hongkong , the SAR Government AFCD is responsible for quarantine.

2. The owner of the property shall apply in advance for the import of the corresponding species. Application form can be downloaded on the website of the Department of nursing.

3, The owner shall inform the Nursing Department within 24 hours before entry. Entry must submit official proof of original, the Department of Nursing in the prescribed format \"animal health certificate (valid for 14 days),\" residence certificate \"and\" airline certificate \"(and import license will be distributed together, by the airlines to fill), subject to quarantine inspection.

4, Dogs and cats less than 60 days or pregnant over four weeks are prohibited of entry.

5, Pet transit to third places via Hongkong , please refer to the entry procedures. Pet after leaving Hongkong for whatever reason are not allowed to return to Hong kong.

6, Please consult to the AFCD and the AFCD reply shall prevail.

Second, to the Macao Special Administrative Region

1, The entry of Macao by the Civil Affairs Department of animal quarantine administration.

2, The owner shall inform the civil affairs administration, submit the Japanese official certificate and import license application for immigration, quarantine.

The owner is allowed to carries the pet entry only 1 time in half a year.

4, Matters relating to the civil affairs department, please consult to the civil affairs administration.

Third, , to Taiwan area

Please consult to Taiwan area of animal and plant epidemic prevention and quarantine department for the pet entrance to Taiwan. ematters needing attention

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