Pet relocation: Guidelines for pets travel to Taiwan

Pet relocation: Guidelines for pets travel to Taiwan


Many often across the straits should know that there is no way for animals to directly enter Taiwan, because Taiwan authority make the rule that animals from Bangladesh or mainland China\'s are prohibited from entry. Although the provisions are relatively strict, but we still have options for those pet friends who want to go to Taiwan .

Pets from Hongkong to enter the Taiwan area is currently the best route. Preparations for pet entry in Taiwan must be made half year ahead. Why do you need such a long time to prepare it? According to the laws of Taiwan pet home, from Hongkong to enter the pet to Taiwan to meet the conditions are as follows:

1. The cat and the dog with electronic chips, also vaccinated with rabies vaccine. (time of inoculation of rabies vaccine in more than 6 months, before leaving within 1 years of completion)

2. At least 180 days before the entry (serum collection time date), serum rabies antibody detection, the detection process is recognized by the government of Taiwan in the laboratory.

3. Passengers must apply for entry permit more than 30 days before the entry, and arrived in Taiwan after the pet quarantine matters contact quarantine stations, scheduled isolation space. (For entry permit conditions: application form, rabies vaccination certificate, serum inspection report, the immigrants of effective certificate photocopy)

4. If the departure area has animal, complete the relevant inspection and quarantine procedures.

5. After arriving at Taiwan, the cats and dogs immediately enter the quarantine inspection. Entry is required to provide entry permit, immunity original documents, customs declaration, shipping and payment of fees.

6. The immune period of at least 21 days can be extended according to the actual situation. Passengers have to be booked in advance to ensure good isolation(isolation time of 21 days). The period of isolation, isolation mechanism may be serum on cats and dogs for re testing, not up to the requirements of the re vaccination.

7. Please note that if your cats and dogs quarantine documents and the actual situation you carry and proof materials have any discrepancies, cats and dogs are likely to be repatriated, destroyed, or in the quarantine station for 180 days.

If you trip with pets has been settled, just prepare in advance. Paichuan PETTRAVEL  wish you bon voyage.