Pets can also join the Spring Festival Travel

      Approaching the end of the year, Spring Festival is most popular topic in Dongguan where there are many immigrant workers. Recently, more and more citizens keep a cat or dog at home. However, at the end of the year, the location of the loved pet becomes a headache. Citizens used to put their pets at friends’or the pets’, but the high cost and troubles make the pets’ keeper in a dilemma. Since the beginning of 2014, Dongguan airport terminal building open the pets by air exclusive service, more and more citizens come back home together with their pets.

      This yea many people r in Dongguan choose to participate in the \"pet spring travel\" , and there is also a growing trend. Learned from Wu Fucai, who works in Nandu paichuan PETTRAVEL Terminal pet Cargo Department, people consult pet travel, by telephone or directly to the Dongguan City Terminal Building on-site, began to gradually increase. Starting from the beginning of December, almost every day have 5-8 pets to Dongguan City terminal for pet cargo were handled.


He said, \"last spring travel peroid, we received pet relocation about 200 cases., From the current situation, it is expected in January the pet relocation cases will double.  It is estimated that 300 pieces of pet passengers come to buy spring ticket.\" It is reported that the pet ticket price is about 500 yuan, according to the specific pet type of pet weight. \"Due to the end of the PET molecular trafficking during CNY,  Leaving the pets in Dongguan is not safe,  so more and more people choose to take pet together by air\", Wu Fucai said.


      Paichuan PETTRAVEL learned, pet relocation by air procedures are relatively simple, only need to prepare for the animal immunization certificate, animal quarantine qualification certificates and aviation cage. Three hours before the flight takes off, pet can go through the screening and boarding to have the exclusive pet chamber. After the pet boarding the plane, the flight staff will give pet owners to provide delivery of information and phone. 1- 2 hours after the arrival of the pet, the pet owner or the designated can pick up their pets at the airport freight station. Pets can also participate in “Spring Travel.”


 The article comes from Paichuan PETTRAVEL