Pet Transport:what should you note?

Arrival earlier: Due to pet transportation must be equipped with oxygen cargo aircraft, arrival at the airport 4 hours ahead before departure can ensure your pet on-time shipment and your on-time boarding.

Avoid extrusion: Prepare durable dedicated aviation transport boxes both for your pet safety and to meet the  domestic airlines requirements to living goods packaging. Also,  you can  taped a plastic products above the air box, in order to avoid handling personnel presses to the box.

Drinking water: Almost all of the air box will be attached to the water dispenser. You can first filled the bottle with water and place it in the refrigerator or it to frozen into the ice. Install them in the air box, there is no need to worry about water overturn or the dogs’ no water to drink.

 Don\'t transit:  As long as it is a direct flight, the possibility of pet mistakenly sent to the remote will be much smaller. If your flight takes off later, you can request the pet be sent to the goods cargo later as well, to make your pet safe.