Parents need to pay attention to dogs’ drinking water

Water is the source of all things. We can not live without water. Pet dogs and cats can not do without water. However, pet dogs drinking water has plenty of knowledge, and parents should pay much attention. Usually PaiChuan (TRAVEL PET) staff will talk with to check with many customers about it after handling the formalities, telling the pet dad spoil a lot of small common sense. Today, we'll talk about the problem of dogs drinking.

Usually at home, I would like to have their own pet baby well cared. Feed withh hin with good water, even many parents take d the dog directly to mineral water.

We have consulted a professional veterinarian. The doctor told us that in fact the dog is best to drink pure water. Dogs should drink less mineral water, because of the high content of metal ions in mineral water. Long-term drinking of it is not very good for the health of dogs. The best is boiled water.

PaiChuan (pet travel) to remind you parents must remember baby dogs have to drink plenty of water, because loss of water will cause the dog loss of appetite, decreased disease resistance and many other adverse effects. So no matter how busy we are, we must remember to prepare enough water for the dog.