The dog dog epilepsy drug treatment

Introduce a kind of the most important, for foreign veterinary recognized dog in epilepsy preferred medicine, benzene barbitone.
Since in the first, it is the most important now, but why to have so status? In the United States, phenobarbital is a kind of the most popular of the provisions of the identity using dog with antiepileptic drugs, is also the safest and the most effective. Phenobarbital in 1912 as the first antiepileptic drugs used in the treatment of human epilepsy, usually referred to as PB. Clinical report pointed out that, 60% to 80% of epilepsy with dogs can single use benzene barbitone and to obtain the very good control, in addition it is quite cheap (China a few cents a grain), drug convenient, only need daily dose 2-3 times can maintain good serum concentration, and side effects of relatively small. (however, as a preferred drug, potassium bromide position phenobarbital can compete. The second medicine reintroduction KBR)
Initial dose (start treatment given dose)
By the following factors: the severity of the tic, tic frequency, the dog weight or are taking other antiepileptic drugs.
Only consider the weight factor of words, initial dose is: 5 mg/kg/day. If your dog epilepsy tic very serious or attack is frequent, the initial dose
Will some bigger, by the same token, if tic lighter or frequency less, then to the small dose start, when necessary to add.
Maintenance dose (epilepsy under control, no recrudescence, the need for a long time, even a lifetime to drug dose)
In general maintenance dose is 5-16 mg/kg/day.
The doses of the adjustment
Because benzene barbitone 7 to 14 days to achieve maximum effective concentration, should be in after two weeks, PB after treatment, the most ideal blood concentration level monitoring should be in the 14th,45,90 and 180 days, and at least every six months after testing. Our side can't monitoring blood concentration, the effective blood concentration I will temporarily not listed, listed and it won't. But studies show that 50% of dog in small doses can control epilepsy, 50% used maximum dose of dogs don't appear the side effects of drugs.
When epilepsy under control, reducing what time does it start?
The strictly speaking, is bound to consulting veterinary. The need to be very very careful (but if veterinary no monitoring blood concentration method, that also only is based on experience!). If the simple use of phenobarbital, and not to add with other drugs, at least not in epilepsy attack six months to a year began to decrement, gradually reduce 30% of the drug. Unless there are liver damage and side effects, try not to rush to reduce drug. If at the same time take other antiepileptic drug (have a month or more), and so reduce the speed of medicine to more slowly. By drugs too fast will provoke a backlash.
Side effects:
Adverse effects may include: excessive calm (may manifest itself as a dull, or didn't before lively), ataxia (coordination ability lower, walking instability and so on), polydipsia, much
Urine, feed more. Weight gain is taking benzene barbitone drug common problem, and it may be a can't avoid side effects. (so, take medicine dog try not to
To eat too much. Another problem is that when the long-term use of this drug after a period of time, the dog will this medicine result in drug resistance, and need more dose can control
Epilepsy. If that liver damage, "milk thistle" (capsule) this medicine can improve liver function. Side effects often occur in the first use
A few weeks before the and increasing doses, therefore this period of time need to closely observe your dog.

If leakage took drugs?
Whenever I think of it, immediately put the medicine fill up, even to eat a medicine time, also want to eat up the leak for.
If ate this medicine epilepsy didn't get control, the first have to confirm yourself if you have the time, hold to a dog medicine, also, weight, food has no change. then
Increase the dose, if still cannot control or the dog dog 24 hours attack many times epilepsy, need to consider and other antiepileptic drugs. Consider first add with potassium bromide
. Research has shown that for use benzene barbitone can't control intractable epilepsy, add with potassium bromide, 26% to 86% can get effective control.

This medicine in many hospital are sold, and generally only a few cents a grain, the price is quite low, also can go out of the drugstore is bought, the price should be cheaper than the hospital. (about a lot of net friend the use of "health insane," there is no denying the fact that is the present domestic use, a good medicine of frontier, the main component is benzene barbitone with potassium bromide, but health epilepsy the price is more expensive, usually around 5 yuan 1 grain, if economic accept to can not stand, can single eat a phenobarbital, it could not control the, then consider health and epilepsy itself epilepsy is also suggested to use drugs, a single drug control not only the combined medication)