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International Pet transport service

派川PET TRAVEL is a professional service agency in pet passport, pet relocation and pet home free of isolation. Since its’foundation, 派川PET TRAVEL had Europe andJapanstrategic line.  Its outstanding service system was highly rated and promote its’ long-term strategic partnership with various airlines. Nowadays,  Foreign customers think highly of their experienced team. Paichuan has become an influential Chinese Pet Service Agency with its professional team world-widely.

Inject Rabies vaccine

The popular domestic Rabies vaccine are imported abroad mostly, like The Dutch pet will wei, VIRBAC, Prizer,EURICAN, etc. Every country has its own rules on Rabies vaccine injection time. Most country require 30days injection before immigration and valid in 365 days, However, EU countries need injection 4 months in advance; Singapore 6 months ahead, Japan 7 months and Korea 3 months before entering. For more details, just contact us.

Chip Injection:

China’s offical     Microchip is ISO format animal chip, working frequency(modulation system):ASK, 234.2KHz, signaling protocol: confirm to ISO 011785 animal identification format; Accord with ISO SO 11784 / FDX-B.

Pet Medical:
Dog: Essential check items include clinical examination, blood routine examination, canine distemper, CPV, coronavirus, heartworm. Cat: Essential check items include clinical examination,blood routine examination, Feline disatemper,Feline leukemia,Feline infectious Peritonitis。In addition,We can arrange the relatives examinations according to the demandes of the different country,such as Rabies antigen examination, Rabies antibodies examination,Leptospira examination, Leishmania examination etc。

Entry permit:

As well as we know, some countries such as Japan,Malaysia,Philippines,Thailand, Indonesia, Tanzania, Australia,New Zealand, need the entry permit. For more details, just contact us.