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Domestic Pet transport service

Paichuan PET TRAVEL is committed to the pet service since its foundation. Paichuan has abundant experience is pet transportation and its team has animal scientists, animal medical, and logistics professionists, providing all-round consultant service, including preparations before shipment consignment, attentions during shipment, and service at arrival destination. Pet transport, pet air lift, and airlines pet shipment service are all included.

Ship alone(Without the pet keeper’s accompany to destination)

Accompanied by pet keeper(The pet keeper holds the ticket and will fly to the destination)

The process of the two types shipment consign:

Ship alone

It also means goods shipment, as the pee will take the flight alone. The goods receiver can pick up the pet by his ID card at the destination freight station.

Fly with the pet keeper

It means the pet takes the flight to destination together with the pet keeper. The keeper can get the pet at the destination baggage pick-up. In this way, the pet can avoid heat stroking in hot summer, because the pet can take a rest at the luggage warehouse that is ear to the flight. The pets ‘outdoors sun exposure time will be greatly shortened. However, only dogs and cats are allowed to fly with people.

Conduction Process