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Hongkong pet exit entry service

If you are still worrying about your lovely pet’s immigration, our professional pet immigration service will allow you easily to take it home. Our services include:

Apply for the entry permit for your pet
Helping fill in and prepare some relative documents and Offering the consulting service.
Providing the customs clearanceairport and port transport.
Transporting the pet to destination, segregation quarantine station or pet dormitory. Realizing the point-to-point service from the departure to the destination.Quotation demands

HongKong pet entry process and necessary certificates.

import permit

Placing order about 15 days before, prepaying the accreditation fees. we will handle the pet entry permit in Hongkong as soon as possible.
Rabies vaccineHongkong’s entry permit needs the Rabies vaccineavailable in 30-365 days.

Hongkongs entry permit needs the animal health certificate with HK Version.
Microchip Injecting microchip. (Suggest using the AVID chip, ISO chip is available as well)

canine distemperinfectious caninehepatitis and canine parvovirus), feline panleucopaeniafeline respiratory  disease    complex)

Providing the vaccine for others infectious disease, Dog: canine distemper,canine viral hepatitis and Canine viral hemorrhagic enteritis; Cat: feline panleucopenia, Feline respiratory system disease. Available in 14-365 days.

The pet with four weeks pregnant and the pet without 5 months were not allowed.